Apple Tries to Regain Customer’s Trust

After announcing and admitting to slowing down phones due to degraded batteries, Apple is now trying to make it right. Apple will now replace batteries for $29 vs the standard $79 in IPhone generation 6 or greater. Apple did not stop there, Apple will also be introducing software in the future to inform the customer that a degraded battery is potentially hurting their IPhone experience.

Is this enough to settle all of the lawsuits the Cupertino company is facing including now from a French environmental group for obsolescence where it is a crime unlike in the United States.

When will companies learn, transparency is always the best policy?

Cell Phone Giants:Struggle with Batteries

By now everyone is aware of the Samsung exploding battery issue which prevented the phones from being carried onto to planes for safety reason. After being outed by the media Apple has admitted publicly to slowing down IPhones with aging batteries. Apple states this “feature” was introduced in the IPhone 6 release after aging batteries were the cause of devices being randomly shutdown due to not being able to supply power during peak usage. As a techy I understand the rationale to reduce peak power draw to prolong the phones battery life.

After these images showed up on Reddit










It has caused quite the stir for many to believe that Apple purposefully is slowing down the older handset’s to force upgrades.

What do you think?

Netgate: PFSense Logging to FreeBSD

I just wanted to post a quick technical update for making PFSense log to a freebsd syslog server. In my case PFSense is running on Netgate hardware which is proving to be very capable for it’s size. I happen to be running Squid, SquidGuard and Snort on this hardware. This was a needed change as I prefer to keep greater detail which involves more logging than what really should be kept on the 20gig internal SSD Drive.

Lets get down to business. The assumption here is that you are working with the default config files, and that you are working from the console or remote via ssh.

FreeBSD is running 10.1
PFSense is running 2.1.5

Before we make the firewall changes we will get our FreeBSD syslog server setup.
I like to work in the vi editor but chose your most favorite editor
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Apple IPhone 6 iOS8.01 Issues and Fix

Loss of cellular service or ability to use Touch ID after updating to iOS 8.0.1 on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 8.0.2 is available now. It fixes the loss of cellular service and use of Touch ID that may have affected you if you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and you downloaded iOS 8.0.1. It includes improvements and bug fixes originally in iOS 8.0.1.

We apologize for inconveniencing you if you were affected by the bug in iOS 8.0.1.

Courtesy of Apple

Lawyer Suing anyone who uses SSL

“Since 2008, Dallas, Texas attorney Erich Spangenberg and his company TQP have been launching suits against hundreds of firms, claiming that merely by using SSL, they’ve violated a patent TQP acquired in 2006. Nevermind that the patent was actually filed in 1989, long before the World Wide Web was even invented. So far Spangenberg’s targets have included Apple, Google, Intel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, every major bank and credit card company, and scores of web startups and online retailers, practically anyone who encrypts pages of a web sites to protect users’ privacy. And while most of those lawsuits are ongoing, many companies have already settled with TQP rather than take the case to trial, including Apple, Amazon, Dell, and Exxon Mobil. The patent has expired now, but Spangenberg can continue to sue users of SSL for six more years and seems determined to do so as much as possible. ‘When the government grants you the right to a patent, they grant you the right to exclude others from using it,’ says Spangenberg. ‘I don’t understand why just because [SSL is] prevalent, it should be free.'”

Apple’s New IPhone 5 A Battle Amongst Giants

With the announcement release of the IPhone 5 today by Apple, it has taken a direct aim at Google. Amongst all of it’s new features an upgrade to Siri, faster processor, larger screen apple announced it would be removing googles mapping software with it’s own as well as removing Google’s youtube service. Google maker of the Android OS powers half of the smartphones in the world.

Who would you bet on to rein supreme in this battle of giants?

Has GoDaddy Fallen Victim To Anonymous

On Sept 10, 2012 Godaddy an internet domain registrar and web hosting company which supports over 45 million domain names experienced what the CEO classifies as intermittent service outages. The group Anonymous or the security leader of the group anonymous has taken full responsibility for the outage via the twitter account @AnonymousOwn3r. It was made very clear this was not a collective supported initiative, but was instead a rogue mission undertaken alone.

This outage caused thousands of DNS names and websites to be offline including between the hours of 10:45amPST and 3:45pmPST. CEO Scott Wagner on Sept 11, 2012 offered an apology to its customers by saying “We owe you a big apology for the intermittent service outages we experienced on September 10th that may have impacted your website and your interaction with

The service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.”

Interesting enough the CEO didn’t acknowledge the group Anonymous in anyway or that this was caused by an external entity. We may never know the real root cause of this outage and it will be interesting to see if Danica Patrick can help protect GoDaddy’s brand.

RIM Making A Last Ditch Effort To Remain Relevant?

Smart phone pioneer and giant on Tuesday announced a new blackberry platform at it’s Blackberry World 2012 Conference in Orlando, Florida. The immediate question is whether it is to late for the once smart phone giant to recover the lost market share to Apple (IPhone) or Google (Android)? RIM vice president Alec Saunders said. “Developers building for BlackBerry 10 will be able to easily create the kind of cutting-edge apps that deliver truly engaging experiences and ‘wow’ customers, whether through integration with native features and other apps like BBM or by leveraging the new signature design elements of this new and powerful mobile computing platform.”

While the prototype device looks very promising with its 4.2 inch screen running at a high 768 x 1280 resolution. It features micro-SD expansion and micro-HDMI for video-out. Notably lacking, however, is RIM’s once-vaunted physical keyboard. The prototype is a touch-only device. In fact, there isn’t a single button on the front of the device.

I still believe they are doomed no matter what moves they make at this point. It is going to take a herculean effort by the CEO and RIM executives to stop the bleeding. Question is how long can they continue?

Apple OSX Is It Really Immune?

Russian researchers have discovered a botnet of more than 600,000 Macs. Yes, Macs — you know, those things that don’t get malware. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is coming under heavy criticism for its slow response to known vulnerabilities and for perpetuating the myth that OS X is malware-free.

Attackers began to exploit [these] vulnerabilities to spread malware in February 2012. … The vulnerability has been closed by Apple only on April 3. … Most infected computers reside in the United States (56.6%)…Canada comes second (19.8%)…the third place is taken by the United Kingdom (12.8%)…and Australia with 6.1%…is the fourth.

What seems to be getting lost in all of the Apple attacks is the fact that there are reports that dlink( are part responsible by spreading this exploit through their website.
Apple OSX Troubles